STUDIO MAST was founded by me, Mark Stevenson, four years ago.  
My interest in design, both aesthetic and functional, has been a constant since an early age. As a child my twin obsessions were buildings and making things. I would often think about how better the houses of friends and family would work if they were laid out differently, sketching plans and elevations and devouring the exploded view drawings of castles, forts, and palaces in history books. Alongside this passion for buildings, I had always been interested in the use of colour, form, and texture, and was heavily influenced by the highs and lows of the pastel post-war and theatrical Victorian townhouse interiors in which I grew up.
At university I studied Ancient History, and became instantly entranced by a field trip to Pylos in southern Greece, where the walls of a Bronze Age palace are preserved to about a foot in height - not much, but enough to get a strong sense of the building’s layout and how this enabled the inhabitants to control access and enforce social stratification. I ended up writing my thesis on how architecture and space was used in Mycenaean religious buildings to enforce social hierarchies, and continued this work during an MPhil in Classical Archaeology at Oxford University. 
As an interior designer and decorator, my aim is to create spaces of both aesthetic and functional value. STUDIO MAST is, as you might see in my portfolio, particularly well versed in using bold colour (including white!) alongside strong forms and textures, to create spaces that are interesting, unique, organic and personal. Alongside that, it’s of equal importance that spaces are practical and that they suit the demands of a client’s life and aspirations. Longevity is critical to both sides of a successful design project: finishes and fabrication methods must demonstrate durability, and the decorative scheme must eschew the ‘trends’ so dominant on social media in favour of an aesthetic which will look just as relevant a decade after the project completes.